Are you Rich? | Katherine Higgins


“I stopped serving my cat’s meals on a tatty Woolworth’s plate when I opened “Are You Rich?” and read that it is worth £12″ – The Independent

“A decade by decade look at what you might have lurking in the coal shed that could be dusted down to secure your future” – The Guardian


Are You Rich? (published by Carlton Books) is a fascintating and lively guide to hundreds of vintage and modern-day household items that could make you a fortune. It’s a user-friendly and informative book that details over 300 household items, many of which are lurking in the average attic that have, against all odds become valuable. Are You Rich? takes you on a tour through the rooms in your house, helping you to identify possible items of value from the last 50 years: from the bedroom to the kitchen, the living room to the study, the nursery to the dining room, covering everything from vintage tableware to bicycles, chairs to perfume bottles.

Fully illustrated and including details of where to buy and sell, along with useful information on key makers to look out for, this is the ultimate guide to being an `antique dealer’ in your own home.


Amazon Reader Comments:

“An excellent review of the collectable items most of us have forgotten. It even covers old computers and telephones.”

“This is a fascinating book which captures the memories anyone over the age of, probably, 40. You should read it before heading out to car boot sales and searching on E Bay. Would make a great present for Mother’s Day or parent birthday if you are younger generation – great treat for yourself if you are the parent or grandparent.”

“Having read this book I was amazed to see that I actually had several items handed down from my parents which were quite valuable. Had it not been for a chance recommendation to read this book then I would almost definitely have discarded what I thought was worthless sixties tat. There are not many books that pay for themselves – but this is one.”

“I bought this book for my mother as a Christmas present this year, but it’s so fascinating I am going to keep it myself! Well done Katherine on an excellent book”